Asia Firms and the Global Profit Super Cycle Jonathan Garner

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Asia Firms and the Global Profit Super Cycle  by  Jonathan Garner

Asia Firms and the Global Profit Super Cycle by Jonathan Garner
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Why is corporate profitability at record highs whilst there has been a weak recovery in the global economy since the 2008 financial crisis? How does one explain rising income inequality in the developed economies but a major fall in income inequality worldwide?This new book, written by a leading economist and strategist, argues that we are in the middle of a super-cycle in corporate profits which is grounded in two deep structural supply-side forces which have begun to operate in tandem over the last 20 years. Split into two sections, the book argues that many of the key features of our current global economy are explainable by the integration of emerging market labour into a truly global labour supply and a simultaneous surge in technological innovation and adoption.

It then combines empirical data on profits with corporate level case studies. Drawing on the authors experience in Asia, to identify those business models that are winning in this environment. Special attention is given to China where the author argues that the themes of this book are most clearly visible.Asian Firms and the Global Profit Supercycle will provide readers with both a theoretical framework to understand many features of the current global economy but also corporate case studies of the Asian firms which are best placed to succeed in this highly dynamic but challenging new environment.

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